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About Us

Who We Are


Voss Pest Control has been in business since 1972 and is licensed in Iowa and Illinois.


The primary goal of our company is to reduce the amount of chemicals you are exposed to inside your home or business. We have achieved this by using baits inside and pesticides outside of the building. We kill the insects outside through the summer months before they find their way inside for the winter months.


Voss Pest Control stays on top of the latest research and uses the treatment that will be the safest for you. In doing this, we've come up with a number of "first in our area" treatments.


Voss Pest control was the first to use baits for cockroaches. This was done at the courthouse in 1988 which resulted in the building being roach-free for a number of years with just an occasional flare up. Since then we have become the experts in cockroach control. We have been tested with severe infestations in both apartments and businesses and came out the winner in each case. Where other pest control companies have failed, we were called in and the problems would be under control in a short time.


We were the first in the area to bring termite baits to Dubuque. This product would eliminate the entire nest rather than surround your house with chemicals that only repel the termites. We were also the first to offer partial treatment for termites followed by two years of monitoring. This cuts down the amount of chemical put into the ground by approximately 50%. Additionally, we were the first to bring in a "one time" treatment for ants that keeps working for the entire season, once again eliminating the nest.


Voss Pest Control was the first to use perimeter rodent control for homes. Prior to this it  was only practiced withcommercial facilities and only on a limited basis. We put tamper-proof and weather resistant bait stations around the home, office or business that will stop rodents from getting into the building. 

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